How Swagbucks Has Worked For Me – Freesol

We love to hear from our members and find out how they have put Swagbucks to work for them.  It is inspiring to learn how Swagbucks has become a part of your family, just as you are a part of ours.  And it only seems appropriate that during High School Rivalry Week here we feature Freesol (age 14) who has helped ease the transition from High School to College for her brother:

Dear Swagbucks team,
I cannot thank you guys enough for having shared this website with the world. My older brother just finished his senior year of high school, and he has been having some difficulty picking out where he wants to go to college. I know he’s been under enough pressure not knowing where he’s going to go this close to the start of the school year, so we aren’t even bringing up the issue of money. Since this economy has been so bad, I know he’s worrying about. He’s been trying to find a summer job lately, but he just can’t find one. However, I think this hardship has changed him into a better person. He interacts with my siblings and me more, he takes our dog for walks everyday, and he helps in cleaning up the house without even being asked. I have been going on Swagbucks just to get a few dollars here and there. It might not be much, but I hope I can help my brother pay for his college tuition at least a little bit, even if it’s just buying him dorm room supplies! Thank for helping our family out (and for giving me something to do this summer!)


Chicago, IL

The picture included as a file is one from a couple years ago when our family was in Ireland. From right to left it’s Lars (my older brother), me, my younger brother Roland, and my younger sister Ulrika. My youngest sister Pippi wasn’t in the photo. You can see how happy we were to be in Ireland!



Thank you, Freesol, for sharing your story!  You are an amazing entrepreneurial young woman, so glad to have you among our family and to be a part of yours.

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