How Swagbucks Has Worked For Me – heatherkm3

It only seems appropriate that during Swagbucks University Week we hear from someone in graduate school who has found a way to put Swagbucks to work for her!  So without further ado, meet heatherkm3 from Davenport, FL:

Swagbucks helped me and my husband pay for our wedding.  Without Swagbucks, we would be either still paying off our wedding or waiting to get married even longer.  My husband and I both work and I go to graduate school that I am trying to pay for without loans so by using swagbucks and getting giftcards has helped pay for not only the stuff we used at the wedding, but even our gifts for the wedding party and family.  In fact the attached picture is under our arch that we purchased using amazon giftcards that were earned with Swagbucks!  It was a beautiful ceremony and I am forever grateful for Swagbucks!


Thank you, heatherkm3, for sharing your story and allowing Swagbucks to be part of such an important day.  Good luck in school!

We are always thrilled to hear how Swagbucks has helped so keep sending in those stories!  Email your story with your swag name and a picture to  If we feature your submission you will receive 500 Swag Bucks, just like heatherkm3.