Music Monday Marches to a Different Drummer

Since it is High School Week here at Swagbucks it seems appropriate that Music Monday features one of the more unique aspects of that time of life: High School Marching Bands!  But not just any Marching Band performances, these feature some of the least likely music choices – The Who, Led Zeppelin and Rocky Horror Picture Show?!?

Garber Marching Dukes – Pinball Wizard (Midland Showcase) 2010

Garber Marching Dukes- Time Warp 2009

McMinn Central High School – Led Zeppelin  2010

Today’s Discussion Question:  Did your High School Marching Band perform a non-conventional song?  Share your High School name and the song performed in the comments.

The first correct answer to Today’s Trivia Question in the comments will win 25 Swag Bucks.

Today’s Trivia Question: In what city was the composer of “Time Warp” born? Congratulations to our winners!  The correct answer is “Richard O’Brien was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire”  Thanks for playing.