Putting Swagbucks To Work For You – L3ighton

We love to hear from our members and find out how they have put Swagbucks to work for them. From the inspiring stories of wedding dresses and engagement rings, to emotional stories of just making ends meet; each and every story is special. Every time we think we have “heard it all” comes a whole new perspective on the power of Swagbucks.  Today we meet Swaggeranaut L3ighton from Royston, GA:

Siblings. Some get along, and some don’t. Me and mine.. Well we don’t, that is, until I referred Swagbucks! Two of my sisters now make Swagbucks daily and we definitely get along better now that we’re helping each other!
We come from a GIANT family. In just our house it’s 7 people and 5 dogs!! Can you imagine how hard it is for our parents to keep up with bills, pay for groceries, and still do things like camping trips and hiking with us? It takes a lot of money! Swagbucks has given me and my sisters the chance to make money doing small tasks and earn enough to give our parents a $50 dollar gift card for Starbucks (where they had their first date).
Not only has Swagbucks brought us closer together, but it’s also helping us give back to our parents for being so amazing and taking care of us!
Thank you Swagbucks! (:


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