Saturday Do-It-Yourself – Stropping

The resourcefulness of Swagbucks members never ceases to amaze me! There is always something new to learn from others and Swaggernauts share openly the tips and tricks they have learned for surviving everyday life.  Today mollyparnis instructs us on how to get the most out of razor blades saving us money and time.  Learn how to strop:

Yes, You Can Strop Too

I know there’s a fine line between being savvy and just being cheap, but honestly, if you’ve priced the replacement heads for the multiple-blade razors out there it can really add up. The replacements for the five blade model my husband uses costs just under $50 for a set of sixteen!—so we strop ours on an old pair of blue jeans.

It may surprise you that you can strop the modern disposables—I know it surprised me, but this technique really does work. I’m currently at the six-month mark on my razor (and really—it still shaves perfectly). In the bygone days when barbers would strop a straight razor on a leather strap they could strop a blade indefinitely, so theoretically you could do the same with the modern razors. although the blades are a lot thinner than a straight razor’s edge so there may be a limit—I just haven’t found it yet. I do recommend carefully cleaning your razor frequently because of its repeated use.

The technique is simple, put an old pair of jeans on a hanger and hang them fairly high so it’s easy to make a long stropping motion. Pull the jeans taut and strop down in one direction (do not strop on the up stroke) pressing firmly but not too hard (you’ll hear a whooshing sound). Repeat for about forty strokes, and that’s it, you’re done! Be sure to keep your blades continually sharp by sharpening them once a week. This sharpening action doesn’t seem to hurt the blue jeans either, but I don’t recommend using your best pair of Joe’s Jeans..


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Happy Stropping!