TSG’s Tips – Shop and Earn More!

TSG here with another handy tip on how to maximize your Swag Bucks earning potential.  This week we are going to talk shopping.  Throw out those old stereotypes, guys like to shop and especially online!  Think about it, we can do our research in the privacy of our own home to find the best value for our money, place the order and have it arrive directly to our door where we then show off our purchases as if we just invented the wheel.  This is why I love Swagbucks Shop & Earn.  With over 600 stores to choose from I challenge you to NOT find what you are looking for.  Earning Swag Bucks in return for your purchase is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s walk through the purchase of something I’ve had my eye on, a new iPad mini.  A quick glance of Shop & Earn and I see at least 4 stores where I could find my new baby – all offering the same price.

Let’s compare prices + Swag Bucks per dollar back

Apple Store   $329  with 1 Swag Buck per dollar spent = 329 Swag Bucks

Target  $329  with 2 Swag Bucks per dollar spent =  658 Swag Bucks

Best Buy  $329  with 1 Swag Buck per dollar spent = 329 Swag Bucks

Walmart   $329 with 4 Swag Bucks per dollar spent  = 1316 Swag Bucks

Wow, 1316 Swag Bucks is 4% cash back.  Count me in!  I will place my order today.  Within a few days I will receive an email detailing the amount of Swag Bucks earned plus the date they will be deposited in my account (another good reason to have my prime email address attached to my swagbucks account)  Swag Bucks are deposited into accounts 32 days after purchase.

A key point: Make sure you always start at Swagbucks Shop & Earn before heading to the store site and adding things to your cart.  This is the best way to ensure proper credit goes to your swagbucks account.

Are you interested in earning EVEN MORE Swag Bucks for your purchases through Shop & Earn (and offline purchases, too)?  Click here to learn about the brand new Swagbucks Visa Rewards Credit Card.

What item are you shopping for today?