Week In Review – August 18, 2013

Well tonight is a school night, we all start High School tomorrow.  Part of our High School experience includes Back To School – High School Collector’s Bills, a High School Rivalry competition with details announced on Monday, and a Swag Code Extravaganza this coming Wednesday.  High School is definitely going to be week to remember but let’s not forget Elementary School!

Elementary School began Monday with Back To School – Elementary Collector’s Bills, a back-to-basics refresher course on Swagbucks Search and a celebration of the classic Schoolhouse Rock. The Elementary fun continued throughout the week with themed codes, word finds and of course, Picture Day on facebook.

We have so much fun and excitement planned for Swagbucks members this coming week I can barely keep the details a secret.  I better just sign off now and see you all next week while I pick out the perfect outfit for the first day of High School in Swagbucks Shop & Earn.