Week In Review – August 25, 2013


High School is nearly just a mere memory.  Only a handful of hours left to get the Back To School – High School Collector’s Bills and then it is off to college with Back To School – University Collector’s Bills! But before we move on it is a good time to reflect on our week as a High School student.

Monday began with the launch of Back To School – High School Collector’s Bills celebrating Pens, Sports Drinks and Cafeteria Food.  TSGal highlighted two of her favorite parts of High School – shopping and passing notes.  We also launched High School Rivalry Week competition between North South HS and East West HS – and the battle was on!

Tuesday‘s TTPTP asked “What would TSG and TSGal be voted “Most Likely To…” in Swag Central High.  One of the winning suggestions declared that they both would be Most Likely To Have Huge Cult Following and we couldn’t agree more! As our two favorite Team Swagbucks members entered High School, helpful Swaggernauts suggested fine first day essentials from Swagbucks Shop & Earn.  Also on Tuesday the principal of Swag Central posted the next day’s Class Schedule – AKA Swag Code Extravaganza!

Wednesday started with that BuzzBuzz of the alarm clock, carried us through Language class where we learned Dormio is Latin for “to nap” and Algebra allowed us to solve for y (in this case y=11), then it was off to the PepRally and finally the Big Game where points were awarded.  In all, we gave out over 1 MILLION Swag Bucks just in Swag Codes! Along with finding Swag Codes we also learned a great way to make Whole Wheat Pretzels, Swaggernauts defined the Not-To-Be-Missed areas of their home towns and crafted spirited cheers for their respective school!  So many great cheers came in (and had us so pepped up) that we raised our projected award of 6 contributors to 12!

On Thursday we met a very inspirational High School aged Swaggernaut who is putting Swagbucks to work for her to send her brother off to college with a little extra spending money.  If you haven’t already – please meet Freesol and let her know how proud we are to have her as part of the Swagbucks community.

Friday, as usual, brought mega wins for all and a close finish in the High School Rivalry Week competition – East West High School took home the trophy (and 25 extra Swag Bucks for its students!).  But with the close of High School week we wasted no time in announcing some of the fun activities coming up next week including Back To School – University Collector’s Bills, a chance to win 250 Swag Bucks playing games known as Gamma Gamma Games (watch for more info here in the blog tomorrow at 9am PT) and the first-ever SBAT where you can test your knowledge of Swagbucks and have the chance to win a $100 Gift card of your choice! (Watch for more info on Tuesday)

But before we leave this hallowed halls of Swag Central High – don’t miss your chance to guess the graduation year of these Team Swagbucks members pictured here.  Get them all correct and you are 100 Swag Bucks closer to paying off those looming school loans.  (Who are we kidding – we pay YOU to attend Swagbucks University because that is how we do it!)

So what was your favorite part of High School Week?  What would you like to see again (we don’t have to wait 10 years for our first reunion, you know…)?