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Usually we feature a member who has found a way to put Swagbucks to work for them – how Swagbucks Rewards make an impact in their lives.  Today, consistent with Swagbucks University Week, we feature a member from India who walks us through how she became hooked on Swagbucks and earns her Rewards.  Think of Swaggernaut erikalui as today’s TA:

I am a Software Engineer by profession. I had once got an email from a friend to join Swagbucks but at that time, Swagbucks was not available in India. Last year Swagbucks sent me an email to join the website and make some money after which I joined the website but I was still clueless of how to earn and buy gifts.

My Birthday was on 13th December and I received an email from Swagbucks wishing me Happy Birthday and Swagbucks gifted me 50 SBs as a gift. I redeemed it and noticed that the minimum payout on Swagbucks was only 700SBs for $5 PayPal which was so easy to reach if I am active every day.

I then read the FAQs on how to earn and then was active daily on Swagbucks and made at least 10-20 SBs daily by just spending about 10 minutes daily and played games, searched, downloaded the tool bar and contributed to the daily poll.

I also joined the Facebook and Twitter community and found so many promo codes that could be redeemed for 3-8 SBs. I also joined the Swagbucks Bargain contest once and to my surprise, I won 150SBs just for tweeting and this was my first big win.

I also kept earning from Swgabuck Search and my highest earning was 39 SBs. I also try to complete daily offers but never qualified for a survey. But still I keep trying and I try to recommend my friends as well from India to join Swagbucks and make money.

Attached is my photograph from College and am so happy to share this.



Mumbai, India


Thank you, erikalui, for sharing your story!  Congratulations for winning the Braggable Bargain RT contest on Twitter.  While that is no longer available I hope you are taking part in #SwagWord, #TTPTP, and #MSBD twitter contests.  Congratulations also on finding ways to maximize your earning potential by taking part in our social areas, submitting Daily Poll questions and submitting your story.

If you would like to share your story about how Swagbucks has worked for you – send it to  Don’t forget to include your swag name and a picture!  If we feature your story you will be awarded 500 Swag Bucks, just like erikalui from India!