How Swagbucks Has Worked For Me – pinkkylee

One of the things that makes Swagbucks unique is the sense of community we share with our members.  You are here for us and we are here for you.  We also love to get to know our members and share their stories with you.  Today we meet Swaggernaut pinkkylee from Bismarck, ND who shares how Swagbucks works for her:

Hello, I would like to share my story. I am a 21 year old who is physically disabled. I was in a car accident when I was 16. The accident was devastating. I destroyed my back broke my shoulder and damaged the rotator cuff and tendons. My back is so damaged that the discs push on my nerves making my legs go numb and has had an effect on my entire body. My shoulder blade won’t stay locked into place and moves around loosely. My rib cage can become out of place and cause it to become hard to breath because I can’t take a deep breath and because of how my discs are un aligned in my back it pushes on my hips weird and now one of my legs is longer than the other. I am lucky I wasn’t paralyzed by this accident and because of the extensive damage and my age I can not receive much help. The doctors I have seen won’t operate or do anything to fix the damages because I am so young. I have to sit and waste 9 more years of my life in pain before they can attempt to start fixing the discs. I was enlisting in the marines which after the accident I wasn’t able to enlist because of all the damages to my body. I had my first job when I was 16 working as a cashier at a local grocery store. I was excited to be making a pay check and earning my own wages. After my accident and continuous notes to my boss from my doctor stating I can’t work because I broke my shoulder and destroyed a lot of muscles tendons and other things I wasn’t able to work. My job fired me to get me off their books so they wouldn’t look bad and so my car insurance company would stop paying me compensation for my wages. I have since not been able to work. Swagbucks gives me a way to earn money and makes me feel like I am contributing something since disability continues to deny me because of my young age. If it wasn’t for Swagbucks I wouldn’t have had the awesome coupons to help the very little money I have stretch farther and it helps me earn points for gift cards and money to buy things that I wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise.  But yet I still have a smile on my face my picture attached is me sitting in a grueling physical therapy.



Thank you, pinkkylee, for sharing your story.  You have a lovely smile and I hope you continue to share it with the world.  Your story is similar to several shared here in the blog, which I hope contributes to your sense of belonging here, and the support you have both from Team Swagbucks but all the other Swaggernauts.  Again, thanks for sharing your story and 500 Swag Bucks will be added to your account today.

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