How Swagbucks Works For Me – frogger229988

Continuing with our Swagbucks University Week theme, today we meet a member who has found a way to take the pain out of buying college textbooks.  Let me introduce to you frogger229988 of Perrysburg, OH:

I joined Swagbucks in March 2010. Things were slow going as I learned the in’s and out’s of Swagbucks (how to earn, what the best ways to earn were, what a Swag Code was and where to put it, etc). I earned my first $5 Amazon Gift card just over a month after I joined and I was hooked ever since.
5 months after joining Swagbucks, I found myself back in college part time while still working a full time job almost an hour away from campus. Over the next 3 years as I hit the books part time, worked full-time and put thousands of miles on my car, I swagged. When I found a lecture getting excessively boring, I would pull out my iPod, tap on the Swagbucks Mobile icon and make “better” use of my time. (Hey, If I’m going to pay for the WIFI as part of my tuition, I might as well use it, right?!). I would swag while I was at work and even got my roommate, friends and family to join as my referrals (great way to earn!)
I spend most of my Swagbucks on Amazon gift cards. This allows me to bypass the expensive campus bookstore and get the books I need for much less on Amazon. A few of the semesters, I have had enough saved up to make buying my books not cost me anything out of pocket. (ChaChing!)
As I pursue my education as a full-time student starting this fall, earning Swagbucks will be even more important as I cut my hours at work drastically to make room for my studies. I just bought my 2 books for my fall classes thru a current Shop and Earn offer. (Textbooks on Amazon+ 3sbs/dollar!) Between the gift cards I’d stockpiled and money earned from selling books back to Amazon,  the books cost me nothing!!!! (Better than nothing because I earned 271 swagbucks going thru the shop and earn offer!)
Since joining Swagbucks in 2010, I’ve earned over $600 in Amazon gift cards!
If you have a student going back to school, have them sign up for their own Swagbucks account! Every dollar earned helps!

Thank you, frogger229988 for sharing your story!  If you would like to follow in her footsteps and purchase school textbooks through amazon on Shop & Earn click here.  You can still earn 3 SBs per dollar spent through the end of September.  Also, if you would like to share your story please send it to  Don’t forget to include your swag name and a picture!  If your submission is selected you will be awarded 500 Swag Bucks, just like frogger229988!