How Swagbucks Works For Me – Skatergirl19

Today we meet a Swaggernaut who could use some help. Skatergirl19 of Corry, PA has written in about her success at adding Swagbucks into her life to make her time online more rewarding and purchasing items she needs yet cannot exactly afford at the moment – like a new computer!

Dear Swagbucks,

Hi! My Name is Amanda  I started using Swagbucks a couple years ago after reading about it in a magazine. At first I just used it for amazon gift card because I would slowly get points as I did my morning searches and polls and a few little things. Mostly Amazon cash to buy a few new things for Christmas. I would sometimes see the daily goal meter and wonder how it was possible to make it.

This past year I discovered the SBTV mobile app and that is when I started making my goals daily. I do have one issue when using Swagbucks my computer broke down earlier this year. It’s about 5 years old I bought it a month before I got married with money from my bridal shower. I have my Cell Phone and a Tablet still but some earning opportunities are only available through a main computer.

I am using swagbucks to buy a brand new computer when they go on sale around Christmas this year. I plan to do that through Walmart gift cards and might through in my birthday money if it is needed. I really want a laptop like my husband has but since we don’t have a lot of money to go around and I just got my iPad right before my computer broke down so it would not be fair of me to buy one with our money to buy a laptop. I have been working very hard at watching videos and was doing well with the activities until they made them computer only.

Thanks for reading this, I am working everyday to reach my goals would appreciate any advice on how to build up my points on a mobile devices. I am thankful for everything you have done Swagbucks. I will be  even more thankful in November when I can finally have a computer again.



Well Skatergirl19, have we got good news for you! If your smart phone is an iPhone download the new Swagbucks app from the iTunes app store.  You will find additional ways to earn Swag Bucks on the go including exclusive Special Offer opportunities available only on the app.  If you have an Android phone watch for the Swagbucks app in the Google Play store within a month’s time.  We will also be upgrading the SBTV experience for iPad very soon.

So far you have discovered the ability to earn Swag Bucks on your mobile devices through Search, SBTV, answering the Daily Poll and now Special Offers under the name Discover.  (Very soon we will also be adding the ability to enter Swag Codes on the app – speaking of, if you enter the name of the featured Swaggernaut here in this post in the Swag Code box before 2:30 pm PT/ 5:30 pm ET today you will get 4 Swag Bucks).  Other earning opportunities from your mobile phone include taking part in twitter contests such as #SwagWord, #MSBD, and #TTPTP.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page where you will also find various contests awarding Swag Bucks.  And congratulations, you have obviously found that sharing your story can result in 500 bonus Swag Bucks!

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