Swagbucks Toolbar Goes Shopping!

Smart Swaggernaut Shoppers know that purchasing through our Shop & Earn section is the easiest way to get Swag Bucks in return for your online shopping.  And we here at Swagbucks know that sometimes it is easy to forget to navigate through Swagbucks Shop & Earnwhen the impulse to purchase hits.  Well we have solved that issue and will award you 5 Swag Bucks just for trying it out on Google Chrome! Add the Shop & Earn Extension to your Chrome Toolbar and earn while shopping directly with your favorite retailers even when you’re not on Swagbucks.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Go here and download the Swagbucks Toolbar for Chrome Browser (PC only currently)
  2. Once installed the Chrome toolbar will ask you if you want to install the Shop & Earn extension.
  3. Click yes! Done!  Here come the 5 SBs! (please allow 7 days to credit)



The extension will notify you when a retailer is offering you Swag Bucks for shopping with them. It will let you know when and how much you can earn. It’s just another way that we make you time online more rewarding!