TSG’s Tips – Swagstakes Winners

Often TSG hears the same refrain, “Does anyone ever really win a Swagstakes?”  The answer is an emphatic YES! Each Swagstakes has a winner (keeps everything legal and TSG likes that).  How can you find out who won?  If you have entered the specific Swagtsakes you will be able to see the winning Swag Name in your ledger.  Simply to to “My Swagstakes“.  Here is an example of TSG’s ledger.  (oops, my Star Trek is showing)

Want more recent winners?  Here are four from July for you!

Ajs1984 of Midlothian, TX won $100 Walmart e-Gift Card
cwren1983 of Melissa, TX won $50 Amazon.com e-Gift Card
Tommy9385 of Richmond, VAwon $50 PayPal
aly1m2m of Prattville, AL was the lucky winner of Dash To The Cash and pocketed $1000!

Feeling lucky now?  Check out the latest Swagstakes and maybe you will soon see your name in the winner’s column!