How Swagbucks Works For Me – carolinagurl412

Have I mentioned that we’re really enjoying meeting all of our featured Swaggernauts?  Well, here is #29!  Say hi to carolinagurl412, from Smoaks, SC!  I think we can all agree that family comes first.  Always.  Read about how she’s doing everything she can to put her family first.

I’m a single mother of a quickly growing almost 10 year old. I lost my mother in 2008 to ALS and exactly a year later my father had a stroke. In early 2010 he was living in a nursing home and hated it so we brought him home and have been caring for him since. Since my son was born I have always worked and been able to provide him with things he’s needed as well as supplied a nice Christmas and birthday for him. His birthday is only two weeks after Christmas.

Well since I began taking care of my father I have been unable to work outside of the home. My father’s income is not enough to pay for a caregiver therefore I have been unable to work at all. I discovered Swagbucks early last year and I’m very thankful that I did. I try to reach the goal every day and sometimes go over just because I have a few extra minutes here and there to earn more bucks and to do more activities. I mostly work with Swagbucks when my son is at school. I am addicted to Amazon and so the five dollar gift cards are great for us. Sometimes I’ll get the bigger ones just so that I’ll have enough money for something specific, quicker. Last year Swagbucks completely paid for Christmas for us as well as his birthday presents.

The only thing I had to pull out of pocket was money for him to play at Chuck E. Cheese. That was only because I maxed out my monthly rewards on Amazon gift cards and forgot to put some in PayPal!!!! If it weren’t for Swagbucks, our holiday would have gone a completely different way. This year I’ve been able to use Swag Bucks to pay for necessary items throughout the year as well as purchase some stuff in sale that’s going under the tree so every extra penny I’ve saved has gone into a holiday fund. I actually still have enough Swag Bucks and time to get some more stuff!!! I’m also finishing up my masters degree online and I haven’t paid out of pocket for a textbook since I signed up for Swagbucks.

Thank you Swagbucks from me and my family!!!

Thank you, carolinagurl412, for sharing your story with us!  You are truly making Swagbucks Work For You!  From holiday gifts, to birthday presents to text books – you’re doing it all!  Way go and keep up the great Swaggin’!

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