How Swagbucks Works For Me – claytonred9

Hey Swag Nation, it’s Sunday Funday!  What’s more fun than meeting another featured Swaggernaut?  That’s right, nothing!  Today we meet, claytonred9, from Alma, GA.  Read about how he’s using Swagbucks to fuel his passion for gaming – something we love to hear!

Swagbucks is great! I have only been using the site for about a year or so, and in the beginning I wasn’t very good at it. As time has flown by I have gotten better at earning Swag Bucks, and Swagbucks has made it easier to earn (which I appreciate, because most sites won’t put in the effort to make it easier for their users to earn). My hobby is gaming, and I’m a huge gamer, but as a poor college student my finances are tight, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy more games.

That is until I found Swagbucks.

I have redeemed so many Amazon gift cards for huge discounts, and even free games. I’ve lost count of how many games I’ve purchased using Swag Bucks. Swagbucks has made it easier for me to fuel my passion, and give me something to do. My main goal is to either purchase or build a gaming PC, so maybe Swagbucks can help me achieve this.

Thanks for sharing your story, claytonred9!  We’re happy to hear that you’ve become a better user of our site.  Keep at it!  What’s your favorite game to play, or what are you playing right now?  Also, do you play Games on Swagbucks?  If not, get in there and dominate!

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