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Hello there, my swagname is elsingley and this is my story.

In June of 2011 I found Swagbucks and I don’t even remember how that came about but it was definitely one of the best things to happen to me in the past few years.  I had given up my job a few years before finding Swagbucks to move back home and help take care of my disabled mother and 4 nieces and nephews after my sister got divorced.  Shortly after coming home my mother’s condition got worse in that she was confined to the bed full time.  She still requires a lot of care but between myself and my sister she hasn’t had to go into a home and we don’t intend on allowing that to happen.  Basically this means I have to be here constantly, awake all night as the only person with mom so my sister can keep a daytime schedule and be able to take care of her kids, and awake most of the day as my mom needs shots and my sister is afraid of needles.  I had been making this work for a few years before finding Swagbucks, but the main problem I had was boredom.  I’m an avid reader who no longer had any income to buy books, and couldn’t afford to be out of the house long enough to visit a library to get any either.
The internet was all that was keeping me sane and it was getting harder to find things to do with my time that didn’t cost money, and I could just walk away from whenever I was needed.  MMO’s were out, even if I never play with others and tried to solo, having to go afk in the wrong areas could quickly set you back and got frustrating.  Once I found Swagbucks it was my main time sink almost instantly.  At first my earnings weren’t all that high, I was still learning the site and didn’t know the best ways to do everything yet, but I was reading blogs and reviews and comments all over the web from other users and learning from their tips.  After cashing out my first time and seeing my gift card balance on amazon adding up I was inspired to find other sites to try and earn more by having more sources of income.  I quickly found out that while not bad, they just didn’t compare and only ever touch any other sites for their quick daily tasks or if I totally run out of things to do on swagbucks.
I had been saving my gift card balance, applying each card to my amazon account without spending anything until 3 months later to the day I ordered my first item, a kindle.  Now I was able to read without having to leave the house, or even spend money on it, though I did have some money for those books that were never going to be made free that I really wanted.  I currently have over 400 unread novels waiting on it and it’s been in constant use since the day I got it.  A month after I got the kindle I used a little more of my balance to buy a case for it that was nicely discounted.  After that purchase I started continued to save everything and was getting better at using the site, and the site was (and still is) getting better at the same time.
July 13, 2012, nine months and 3 days after I ordered the kindle was my next purchase.  My nieces and nephews has been using a very run down old tv and I hated that we couldn’t afford to replace it, that had been my goal for the last few months and I caught a sale on a very highly reviewed model and finally ordered it.  Vizio 32-inch 3D HDTV with built in wifi.  And to prove good taste is genetic the very first thing they did with it out of the box is had me setup netflix so they could watch Doctor Who.
Since then I have used my earnings here to buy games for myself and others, a smartphone (never activated but used as a tiny tablet) for one of my nieces, an upgrade for my computer’s hard drive and later a better cpu, many books and movies, and all the birthdays and Christmas presents.  And most recently an electric weed eater and lawn mower to replace the gas powered push mower that I could never keep running anyway.  Without Swagbucks I would have none of this stuff and I’m not so certain I could have maintained the little bit of sanity I ever laid claim to for this long.
Thank you Swagbucks!
(here are my nieces and nephews enjoying the tv your site bought them)


Thank you, elsingley!  It sounds like you have really mastered how to work Swagbucks and proven it is possible to earn amazing amounts of Swag Bucks!  We do our best to make your time online both rewarding and fun (even in the middle of the night).

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