How Swagbucks Works For Me – MunchTheBoss

Nothing makes the day better like another heartwarming story from one of your fellow Swaggernauts!  Swag Nation, please meet MunchTheBoss, from Mississippi: (read below to find out how you can submit your story)

Swagbucks has truly helped me over time to achieve everything I have dreamed of! I have had many surgeries throughout my life due to a wide variety of reasons. Everyday, swagbucks always helps me with great surprises and rewards to brighten my mood and enjoy the day a bit with my newfound riches. From gift cards to Kindles, Swagbucks has always been a great help and blessing for my life. Here is a picture of my new born baby sister who has benefited also throughout these years!

Thank you MunchTheBoss!  It’s stories like this that truly make my job rewarding and bring a smile to my face.  And congrats on your new baby sister!  She’s got the look of a future Swaggernaut!

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