How Swagbucks Works For Me – NoireLune

We get really excited when learn about our members who are using Swagbucks to follow their dreams.  Today, we meet NoireLune from Kenniwick, WA.  

Even though I’m just a high school student, Swagbucks has helped me with my goal in life. I’m an aspiring costume designer. It’s a passion I’ve had since I was a kid. I would always love to dress up or attempt to make my own costume. My parents even got me a small Bratz sewing machine. It was something I loved. But for the past few years, my parents have been having issues with jobs. My mom, who never got to finish college due to being pregnant with me, couldn’t get a job due to the fact that she has six kids to take care of, including me. And my dad, poor in health, couldn’t keep his business open. He found a job but was soon laid off. He restarted his own business, though customers aren’t a regular thing. Because of so, I had to put my passion on hold. I soon then discovered Swagbucks. I’ve collected points here and there by searching and doing whatever survey will accept me. Then I’d cash in the points for Amazon gift cards, which helped me get items for sewing. Now, I’m selling costumes by request, which helps me get some money for costumes of my own. Thanks to Swagbucks, I got supplies I need to practice and excel in my passion and future career. Included is a picture of a dress I’m working on. The floral fabric is being dyed and turned into a corset vest, the parts I got with the Swag Bucks I earned.

Thank you, NoireLune!  You’ve got a sense of style and design that will surely take you wherever you desire! And we know when you get there, you’ll be looking fresh!

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