How Swagbucks Works For Me – Sedeina123

Are you ready to meet our 23rd featured Swaggernaut?  We thought so!  Please meet Sedeina123, from Nampa, ID.  Read below how, as a military wife (and mother), she is using Swagbucks to help pay for an expensive airplane ticket home for her husband this holiday season.

I have only been Swagging for about three weeks now, and was referred to it by a friend on Facebook. When I saw how well she was doing I had to try it. I am a military wife and a mother of two. Needless to say I am a stay at home mother and pregnant with our third. Recently, my husband has been re-stationed to Korea while the kids and I have had to stay behind. This meant that our income has to be split between two households; which can make finances stressful. I have acquired a part time job at night that still gives me the ability to be home with my little ones during the day; however, it does not give me much wiggle room for extras.

Extras like family nights out, Christmas, sending packages to daddy to show him the kids are thinking of him, or most of all – extras to bring daddy home to visit in the middle of his year in Korea. This was the most important, for this is the custom for our kids. Out of the three deployments my husband has had; he has always come home for rest and relaxation in the middle of his tour. The only difference is that when he was deployed the Army paid for his plane ticket. A year in Korea is not considered a deployment, so the plant ticket cost is on us. A plane ticket from Korea to the US can range anywhere from $1100 – $1500. This is an amount we don’t have, but desperately need to keep our family sane.

So when my friend referred me to Swagbucks, at first I was skeptical, but after I read all the success stories and saw everyone on the Swagbucks Facebook page discussing their success I felt more assured. My goal with Swagbucks is to earn enough Swag Bucks to help pay for his plane ticket and Christmas. My kids are my motivation, and I will reach my goal. Thank you Swagbucks for offering us this opportunity to work with you and reach our other goals which otherwise might not be attainable.

A military wife and mother
Thank you so much for sharing your story, Sedeina123!  We’re glad you’ve come around and are making Swagbucks Work For You!  We know you’ll reach your goal – and keep up the great Swaggin’!  And don’t forget, our friendly community on Facebook is always available to answer any questions you might have, as you make your way towards your goal!
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