How Swagbucks Works For Me – TheSwaganista

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to our 14th featured Swaggernaut, TheSwaganista, hailing from Waycross, GA.

I have a story that makes me cry because it is how Swagbucks has helped save me and my son’s health. I have been fighting an iron problem for years. It was so bad, my doctor treated me for free because I had to have iron treatments every month in the chemotherapy unit, and you can only imagine that cost.

Recently, I went to the dentist because my teeth were spotted. Yes, spotted with brown areas. Long story short, I have 52 cavities (mind you I have been going to the dentist yearly without fail). I was shocked and stunned and you name it, I felt it. Two weeks later, I find out my son (I have 2 girls and a son) has multiple cavities, just like me! He also has the same iron condition, in addition to a paralyzed vocal chord….talk about a mom on the edge.

If it weren’t for Swagbucks, I couldn’t have even begun to get medical care for me and my son, dental wise. I worked really hard to get bucks, just cashed out for PayPal cards, that will be the down payment for our treatment. I cannot tell you how grateful and thankful for the opportunity to get these cards. I am a Registered Nurse, but I haven’t been able to work due to my health. I have y’all to thank for giving me hope and help. I am your biggest fan and proudly say I am 100% a Swaggernaut.

Thank you Swagbucks!

TheSwaganista (we LOVE your Swag Name!) – thank you so much for sharing.  Stay strong and keep Swaggin’ On!  We’re glad you’re able to make Swagbucks Work For YOU (and your family)!

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