The Hallowednesday Game Challenge for 100 Swag Bucks

Happy Hallowednesday, Swag Nation!

Okay, not quite Halloween yet, but it’s almost here and It will certainly be Halloween for some of you by the time you get your late night entries in. Even though we still have a few hours until Halloween, I thought we could get into the spirit today.  If ShadowWolf87 is around or someone else capable, perhaps you could share with us a small taste of your Halloween keyboard/organ skills.

For today’s challenge, because it’s a bit of a celebration, you get to have a choice between three horrifyingly fun games, but pay attention because I’m going to give you some special instructions for today’s challenge:

Choose your alien and shield yourself from the horrors of incoming asteroids of pure evil in Blinky Smash. Some say the asteroids are the remains of old witches launched into space during the infamous Witch Trials of 1977.

Take control of a disturbingly fast spaceship as you navigate the most twisted, space pirate filled cavern the universe has ever known in Project Omega: Impossible Odds. Every enemy pilot is said to have walked out of all of your favorite movies halfway through.

The last game you could play for today’s challenge just might be the scariest of them all. Grab your teddy bear and your swink trunks and venture if you dare Deeper in the Ocean. I’d tell you about this game, but I don’t think you’d be able to get to sleep tonight.

So what’s today’s challenge? Get a score of 9,000 or more in Project Omega, a score of 1,700 or more in Blinky Smash, OR a score of 1000 or more in Deeper in the Ocean; take a screenshot; and post a link in the comments for this blog post ALONG WITH AN OCTOBER MEMORY, YOUR FAVORITE CANDY, OR A COSTUME YOU’VE WORN FOR HALLOWEEN. For each of these correctly filled out posts you make, you will have one entry in a raffle to win 100 Swag Bucks. You may enter as many times as you like with new screenshots showing different scores AND DIFFERENT MEMORIES, etc. You may wish to protect your efforts by adding your Swag Name to it in a paint program. If you need an image hosting service, I recommend because it’s quick and easy. Three winners will be selected at random from all of today’s entries and announced in this blog post and on Twitter on Thursday.

You can also participate via Twitter by tweeting your screenshot @Swagbucks, along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #sbgames. You may place each entry both on Twitter and in the comments, but if you win from an entry placed on Twitter, you will win an additional 100 Swag Bucks.

As you might have foretold, you will find especially frightening tournaments for each of these games. These tournaments will only be available today and part of tomorrow so take advantage while you can. Speaking of taking advantage while you can, this weekend’s challenge will feature an exciting announcement from another dimension so make sure you’re back here, Saturday to find out what it’s all about.

Last but not least, if you like to get your game on outside of Swagbucks, don’t be afraid to enter the Name Your Game Swagstakes (of Doom) where you could win the video game of your choice for just 7 SB. It’s ending Friday afternoon and somebody’s going to get the game of their choice. That somebody should be you.

I’ll see you back here Saturday.

Good luck…  You’re gonna need it! Muahahahaha… Just kidding.  Have fun, everyone!

Update: This week’s winners are djohn78, joana26, & very fittingly, GhostArmy  -Congratulations!  New Challenge Saturday!

If you weren’t one of our winners this week, consider submitting a game challenge of your own for another chance at 100 Swag Bucks!

Have a frightfully fantastic Halloween!