50 Million Reasons to be Thankful

We here at Swagbucks love to celebrate success, both yours and ours because without you there would be no us. It is with that in mind that we are especially happy to announce that over the weekend we hit a significant milestone: $50 Million in Distributed Rewards! That’s $50,000,000 of Amazon, Walmart, PayPal, CVS, Best Buy, Target and over 100 hundred more brands in your pockets!

$50,000,000 in Distributed Rewards represents more than just money and gift cards – it represents people. We didn’t randomly give out $50 million to a bunch of strangers; you the community earned it. You’ve shopped, searched, watched, played, answered, and discovered your way through our network over the past 5 ½ years, earning Swag Bucks all along the way. You’ve allowed us to help you pay for holiday presents, wedding favors, household appliances, rent, birthday gifts, tuition, clothes, games, trips, and anything else you’ve obtained with your gift cards.

The best part is that we’re not done – not even close. There are still millions of dollars more to give out, and that’s just before Christmas! Then we’ll ring in the New Year with more ways to earn, more gift cards to distribute, and a promotion for the biggest prize (by far!) that we’ve ever given out on Swagbucks (stay tuned for details….)

You have a near infinite amount of options for where you spend your time online, and you choose to do it with us. For that, we thank you 50 million times (50,158,655 times and counting to be exact).

We hope you all have a warm, happy and rewarding holiday season.


Chief Rewards Officer