How Swagbucks Works For Me – Djohn78

Happy Veterans Day, Swaggernauts!  As we honor all of our veterans today (and every day!), we are fortunate to meet Djohn78, from Spring, TX.  Read about how he’s become hooked on Swagbucks!

Do you spend your days thinking of good poll ideas? I do…that’s how hooked I am on Swagbucks! I probably submit 5 poll ideas each month to Swagbucks!

I joined Swagbucks a couple of years ago after reading about it on a blog that I trust. I was a skeptic, but at least it was free! I got a real slow start to Swagbucks. After a few months I really figured out how to explore the site and where my earning opportunities are. I started getting most of my Swag Bucks through SBTV and once it was released, SBTV mobile. After a few months I got my first reward. I redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards and I used them for a Roku box. After that I was hooked!

I worked hard maxing out SBTV Mobile every day and answering surveys. Next came the PS3, the Soda Stream, coffee maker, not to mention countless books, MP3 downloads, etc. I am a very cheap person. As a disabled Iraq veteran I try to watch my spending habits. Swagbucks has given me the chance to buy things I want, without spending the money out of my own pocket. I never have to worry about the money I need to buy gifts anymore as I use my SB’s to buy them!

Thanks Swagbucks! I really appreciate all that you have done for me!

Djohn78 – we’d like to say THANK YOU!  Not only for using Swagbucks, but for giving your time and dedication to our country!  Did you buy that Giraffe with your Swag Bucks?!  Happy Veterans Day – here’s another 500 Swag Bucks to add to your stash!

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