How Swagbucks Works For Me – katestaffl

At Swagbucks, we like to think of everyone in our community as family.  Today we meet katestaffl, from Stoney Creek, Ontario.  She and her husband are working towards a family of their own.  Read her story below…

Swagbucks has become a daily routine in my life.  I get up and the first thing I do after grabbing my coffee is turn on my laptop to see what the goal is and how I can tackle it.

My husband and I have been trying for many years to create a family of our own with no luck.  We have been married for 8 years and have had absolutely no luck.  2 years ago I lost my job due to me becoming sick.  My husband wanted me to stay home and I found Swagbucks and instantly began earning as a way to help me and my husband out.  It has helped us buy Christmas and birthday gifts as a way to save money.

Recently we decided that since we couldn’t start our own family that adoption was the route for us to go down.  After carefully studying and researching all the areas of adoption it all came down to the simple fact that it was expensive!  Not only is the adoption expensive, the child coming into our home is obviously going to be an added expense, one we are more than willing to take on but nonetheless an added expense.

So every day I am working very hard on Swagbucks to save a lot toward the adoption and the stuff I will need to bring a child into our home.  With Amazon gift cards I am working toward getting a 4 in 1 crib for free.  As well as filling up my PayPal thanks to Swagbucks to help toward the costs of adoption itself.

So with both accounts of rewards filling up it makes me feel more confident that we have made the right choice for our family.  I know that even after the adoption happens we will be able to continue to give our child what they need to grow up in our home.  We will provide the love and the care and the discipline but Swagbucks will continue to provide the toys books and whatever else he/she may need!

Swagbucks has been a real blessing in our lives and helping us accomplish our goals of becoming parents!  So a huge thank you Swagbucks for helping me and my husband to get our dreams of parenthood!


katestaffl, thank you so much for sharing your touching story.  We wish you and your husband all the best in this exciting time in your life and we are glad you are using Swagbucks to help offset some of the cost.   Be sure to keep us posted throughout this process!  What’s your favorite way to earn Swag Bucks?  Here’s another 500 Swag Bucks to add to your stash!

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