How Swagbucks Works For Me – omyers3

Ahhh, the day before Thanksgiving.  It might be the busiest travel day of the year, but we aren’t too busy to meet another Swaggernaut!  Say hello to omyers3, from Acworth, GA.  We love it when our members use our site to fuel their passion.  Here’s a fantastic example!

I’m currently a senior in college pursuing a biology degree, but my real passion is animal rescue. I am really busy with school and don’t always have time to volunteer at my local animal shelter, so when I joined Swagbucks this year and I saw the option to donate to charity, I knew what I wanted to do with some of my earnings.

Many animal rescue organizations, even when they have volunteers, desperately lack the funds to pull animals and then vet them so that they can be adopted. These costs can range anywhere from $60 for a reduced rescue adoption fee to $200 or more for heartworm treatment or major surgeries. Fortunately, many of these organizations network on social media sites and accept money via PayPal for these expenses.

I am quickly on my way to getting my first $25 PayPal gift card that I am going to donate one of my favorite organizations: Middle Mutts. They pull dogs from death row in animal shelters and network to find foster homes/rescues in other states that have a higher chance of seeing the animal adopted. They save dozens of lives each month and are truly remarkable. I am so thankful that Swagbucks allows me to give to a cause that I am really passionate about, especially on a limited college income.

Thanks for letting me share my story and please remember: Don’t breed or buy while homeless pets die!

(Note: This picture is of me and an adorable lab puppy (Jenna) from For the Love of Labs Rescue that I helped transport from a high-kill shelter in Alabama all the way to North Carolina to a foster home. She has since been adopted.)

Thank  you so much for sharing this wonderful story, omyers3!  What an adorable puppy!  We (and I’m sure the doggies) are very appreciative of your efforts!  Keep it up!

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