Saturday Do-It-Yourself – Magazine Christmas Trees

Thanksgiving? Check.  Black Friday? Check.  Hope you still have some energy left!  Today’s DIY is extremely creative and very easy to do at home!  Hisgoddesss, from Arvada, CO shows us all how to make your very own Magazine Christmas Tree!  Check it out!

It’s really simple:

  1. Take the first page (I fold the front and back covers, too) and take it to the crease to make a triangle.
  2. Then fold it again for a “tree fold”
  3. Then take the bottom and fold it to the back (The extra will be folded to create a surface where the tree will stand)
  4. Then continue for the whole magazine.
  5. When finished you can decorate with glitter, non-toxic paint, pretty much anything.

That’s it!!

Thanks hisgoddesss, for this very clever idea!

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