Swagbucks Charity Update









In a month in which we take time to be thankful, on this day especially, we remember all that we have to be grateful for and consider how we can give back. One of the ways you can give a little back is by donating your Swag Bucks to the charity of your choice. It’s always a good time to open your hearts and open your Swag Bucks wallet, and lend a helping hand to those in need.

As you may have already heard, record-breaking Super Typhoon Haiyan has already caused immeasurable damage to the Philippines and surrounding areas. GlobalGiving has put together a fund that will go toward recovery efforts in all areas impacted by the storm. This money provides victims of the storm with much needed food, fuel, shelter, and more.

You can donate your Swag Bucks to the Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund or any of a number of charities here.

Here’s what your Swag Buck donations looked like in October:

Thank you!

-Team Swagbucks