Swagbucks Gift Guide – Just For Her

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift for the women in your life (mother, wife, daughter, mother-in-law, sister, cousin, grandmother, nanny, friend, teacher, barista, co-star, the ladies of The View, Hoda, The Honorable Sonia Sotomayor, Lady Gaga, etc) can be downright stressful! But thanks to helpful Swaggernauts, we have gathered some amazing gift ideas that will not only ease your stress but put Swag Bucks back in your account!

So today, let’s give some love to the ladies! Check out these great gift ideas and find the right gift (at the right price) for everyone on your list! Note that prices and Swag Bucks earned listed below are as of 11/20/13. CLICK on the image for more information and to purchase.

Gifts Under $10

Target - $9 - 36SBs Submitted by jerr

The Body Shop - $9 - 72SBs Submitted by Pepin909

Target - $9.99 - 40SBs Submitted by Dakotama

Walgreens - $9.99 - 40SBs Submitted by mamavaj

Gifts Between $10 – $25

Target - $24.99 - 100SBs Submtited by lilbubblehead78

Bed Bath & Beyond - $24.99 100SBs Submitted by Redvette1

Bed Bath & Beyond - $19.99 - 80SBs Submitted by cmsb901

Gifts Between $25 – $50

Walmart - $29.88 - 120SBs Submitted by uspsandi

Best Buy - $49.99 - 100SBs Submitted by MichaelEstep

Amazon - $40 - 240SBs Submitted by quinlanbm

Gifts Between $50 – $75

Amazon - $69 - 414SBs Submitted by travelers2susan

QVC - $59.96 - 240SBs Submitted by cherokeemoon

CHEFS - $59.95 - 240SBs Submitted by katebug88

Gifts Over $75

Kohl's - $80 - 320SBs Submitted by NewLife4Me

Best Buy - $139.99 - 280SBs Submitted by happyappy95

Amazon - $89.96 - 540SBs Submitted by BeckSusie


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out the complete list of Swaggernaut suggestions in the following price ranges by clicking through. Gifts Under $10. Gifts $10 – $25. Gifts $25 – $50. Gifts $50 – $75. Gifts Over $75.

Or Click Here for comparison shopping and Swag Bucks earned.

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Thanks to all who submitted suggestions. The members featured here will all receive 100 SBs! Check back in the coming days as we highlight gift suggests for: Him and the mysterious category Other.  And if you  missed yesterday’s guide for Kids, click here.