2013 Year In Review!

What an amazing year we all had in 2013!  As we get ready to make the change to 2014, we’d like to take some time to reminisce on all of the wonderful things we all (as a community) experienced this past year.

Three of the biggest milestones we reached in 2013 were:

  • Crossing 1.5 MILLION likes on Facebook!  We always say our community is the best and this proves it!  You are always encouraging each other and providing help anytime another Swaggernaut has a question!
  • Surpassing $50,000,000 in Rewards distributed!
  • Giving out over 50 MILLION Swag Bucks through Swag Codes alone (and of course, we allowed you to share them!)

We also had boatloads of fun in 2013 – especially during our TEAM CHALLENGES!  We had 4 amazing challenges: Dads vs Grads, High School Rivalry, Bats vs Cats and Naughty vs Nice – did you participate in all 4?  Did you come out victorious each time?

We loved seeing your competitive spirit during each challenge and how much everyone on each team came together!

And who can forget our 11 amazing sets of Collector’s Bills!  Which set was YOUR favorite?  Were you able to complete ALL 11 sets?

We also dropped you off for the summer at Camp Swagsabucksplenty, had multiple DOUBLE STUFFED days filled with great earning opportunities and our super memorable Crazy 8s!

And of course, we celebrated our 5TH BIRTHDAY!!!

As we look ahead to 2014, we’d first like to say THANK YOU to everyone for an incredible, memorable and fantastic 2013!  We could not have done it without all of YOU!  We’re excited for everything that’s to come in the next year and we know you will be too!

Thanks for a great year, Swag Nation, and here’s to even bigger accomplishments in 2014!  Happy New Year!

-Team Swagbucks