Cyber Monday Gets Triple Stuffed!

3 is the magic number!

Get ready for Cyber Monday to get Triple Stuffed for 3 hour only!  Set your reminders for 9 am Eastern Time, 6 am Pacific Time on Monday, December 2nd and take advantage of 3 incredible promotions

1) From 9 am – noon ET / 6 am – 9 am PT get TRIPLE EARNINGS in these areas:

  • Daily Poll awards 3 SBs
  • NOSO awards 6 SBs
  • Toolbar awards 3 SBs
  • Swagbucks Games award 6 SBs for each win (5 wins per day possible)
  • SBTV awards 9 SBs for each 10 videos watched (150 SBs total possible earning per day )

2) Earn TRIPLE the standard Swag Bucks per dollar in ALL US stores in Swagbucks Shop & Earn for 3 hours (9am – noon ET / 6am – 9am PT)

3) Cyber Monday Swag Code Extravaganza with up to 60 SBs in Swag Codes (Special Hint for US and CA – The Swag Codes begin at 4am PT/ 7am ET, all countries will have the same value in Swag Codes but not all codes will be all countries so that local time can be taken into consideration)

Don’t forget that ALL gift cards will be on sale for 24 hours midnight to midnight PT.  Get all the details here.

They say good things come in 3s and Swag Bucks is no exception! Enjoy!