How Swagbucks Works For Me – 4Texas

There’s one week left until Christmas, but here’s a little early gift – the opportunity to meet another Swaggernaut!  Please say hi to 4Texas, from Fort Worth, TX.  Read how he’s doing all he can to provide for and take care of his family – and using Swagbucks as a way to get them some special gifts.

Swagbucks to save the day!

I keep a full time job (don’t we all) plus several part time jobs to pay the bills and keep food on the table. My wife suffers an illness that keeps her from her career and has for along time. Though I do make enough to pay all the necessities, it’s very rare that I get to spend money on my 10 year old son or lovely wife. It’s the little things I can’t get like the new Lego set for my son or that cute purse my wife loves.

Then I found Swagbucks.  I was just surfing on the web and there it was. I log in and have logged in everyday since (5 months now) The Swag Bucks I get for my everyday searches, surveys, and playing games has allowed me to claim over $100 of Rewards. My favorite is the Amazon Gift Cards. With the prime membership I already had with Amazon (free shipping) and my gift cards from Swagbucks, it has allowed me to buy those little things that puts smiles on everybody’s face.

I can honestly say everyone in our family loves Swagbucks.  Thanks for the smiles!

Thank YOU, 4Texas!  We’re glad that you found us and are taking full advantage!  What’s your favorite way to earn Swag Bucks?!  Keep on Swaggin’ and smiling!  PS – your other son is REALLY tall.

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-Team Swagbucks