How Swagbucks Works For Me – mableh

Fear not, Swagvillians!  Not even Friday the 13th could stop us from meeting another Swaggernaut!  Today we meet mableh, from Citrus Heights, CA.  It’s common knowledge that mothers know best.  This story drives that point home!

My mom has used Swagbucks forever, and always told me I should do it too.  I never thought it would be something that would work for me, so I ignored her suggestion.

My boyfriend ,son and I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast. He unfortunately lost his job shortly after we moved here and money has been really tight, so I figured hey, might as well give Swagbucks a shot. In a little less than a month I have almost two thousand Swag Bucks which I will be using to help with the cost of our Thanksgiving dinner. It will be our first holiday away from our families, so I want to make it the best dinner I possibly can.

Without the help of the Walmart gift cards, I do not think that would be possible. I am hoping to keep earning more so we can also have a good Christmas. It will be my son’s first Christmas, and I want to make it special for him. Thanks for your help in making all this possible.

Just goes to show you should always listen to your mother no matter how old you are.

Thank you, mableh, for sharing this story! We hope your Thanksgiving holiday and dinner were spectacular!  And we know that you’ll be able to make your son’s first Christmas amazing!  Here’s another 500 Swag Bucks to help out!  Happy Holidays!!

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-Team Swagbucks