How Swagbucks Works For Me – pezofdoom

It is officially the holiday season with tonight being the 6th night of Hanukkah, Thanksgiving just past and Christmas only 23 days away!  We often hear that Swagbucks members save up their earnings and use the Gift Cards to help fund gift giving at this time of year. Today’s installment of “How Swagbucks Works For Me” is a perfect example as we meet pezofdoom of Stow, OH:

My swagname is pezofdoom and I started really using Swagbucks about half a year ago.  My wife showed me that Swag Bucks wasn’t a scam, but a place that you could legitimately earn points for gift cards for doing things I’d normally do in the evening.

We just bought our first house last year and it’s amazing to learn just how much I don’t know about maintaining a house.  Your home improvement and help videos have guided me through fixing a leaky pipe, replacing a shower head, putting down floor tiles and a dozen other things that I’m sure I would have bungled if I hadn’t looked online first.

Recently, my wife and I have been working hard to try to earn a few extra gift cards for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) shopping.  She gave up working to raise our now 3-year old daughter and that’s put a bit of our strain on our bank account.  We’ll survive but it was looking like we’d have to rely on extended family to buy most of the gifts for our daughter this year.  Thanks to Swagbucks we’ll be able to get Penelope some really great things and it’s a load off my shoulders to know we won’t feel like the worst parents in the world come Christmas morning.

I know you all are running a business, but I do appreciate what you’ve done.  I’m sorry for being so skeptical of your site at first and I’m thankful that Beth gave you more of a chance than I did.  Thanks to her good sense and your point system, my family is a lot better off than we were a year ago.

p.s.  The picture is of me using your site while my daughter, Penelope, directs me in “The way mommy swags.”  It seemed to mostly involve me opening some odd game or a video about baby animals…after a while I started to suspect ulterior motives.

Thank you, pezofdoom, for sharing your story with us!  We especially love to hear about families that enjoy Swagbucks together as well as hearing that SBTV content is useful and enjoyable.  We definitely strive to be a rewarding and fun destination.

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