How Swagbucks Works For Me – TreeHuggerChik67

Happy Friday Swag Nation!  Today we are lucky to meet TreeHuggerChik67, from Port Saint Lucie, FL.  As a work-at-home single mom, she is the definition of How Swagbucks Works!  Read more below…

When I became a full-time, telecommuting, work-at-home single mom, I decided to see if I could find ways to do, and buy, special things for my two sons and for our home.  When I joined Swagbucks in August of this year, my first project was a $50 gas card.  My sons and I had a road trip from South Florida to North Carolina for my niece’s wedding.

I have also bought two GameStop cards to help my sons to get the two newest XBox 360 games that they wanted: Assasin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

My most amazing project was when I was able to buy a gorgeous recliner for our living room.  Since I spend all day working on the computer, I really wanted a spot where I could get a change of scenery from the computer desk in my office.

And what a deal I got!  The chair’s retail price was $535, but at, it was priced at $285.  They had a furniture sale in October that dropped the price to $255.  I had $195 in gift cards, and a coupon for 15% off with free shipping.  By the time I was done, it was delivered to my door for a measly $35!And it is lovely!  And comfy!  And every time I sit in my chair, we joke that it’s, “The Little Chair That Swagged,” or “The Chair that Swagbucks Bought,” etc.

I am so proud that my Swagbucks efforts and mad savings skills really paid off.  Now, the boys and I are planning a very special day at Magic Kingdom on Christmas Eve.  My goal now is to buy gift cards to Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney, so we can have a very special meal after the park closes.  I already have one, and am very close to the next one!

The boys love to help out, too.  They will use the Swagbucks search engine when they are doing their homework, and they love the Jokey Jokes on the comedy channel on SB TV Mobile.  They also check out the new movies on the EntertainNow Mobile app.  So we all take pride in the things we get with our Swag Bucks!

Magic Kingdom or Bust!  Thanks, Swagbucks!  You rock our world!

Thank you, TreeHuggerChik67 – you rock OUR world!!  You’ve got some mad Swaggin’ style and that chair looks super comfy!  And we’re happy your sons are reaping the rewards!!  Let us know how the Magic Kingdom is!

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-Team Swagbucks