How Swagbucks Works For Me – truublx3

Happy Monday, Swaggernauts!  Hope your weekend was fantastic!  As we continue to meet new Swaggernauts each week, we’re constantly reminded about how great our community truly is.  Today we meet truublx3 from Wirtz, VA.  We know that times can get tight around the holidays and every little bit helps.  Read below about how truublx3 is using Swagbucks to help make this holiday season super memorable for her kids!

My Swagbucks name is truublx3 and boy what a year my kids and I have had. We had to move into a hotel over a year ago and are still there as I write this. My friend sent me a referral link to Swagbucks about 3 years ago I didn’t really get my swag on till last year.

I have a very expensive December because two of my kids have birthdays four days apart plus all three want Santa to come visit. Last year I used Swag Bucks to pay for my oldest birthday gifts and her birthday party at our local McDonald’s and with what was left I used to buy birthday gifts for my youngest son.

They had a very BIG visit from Santa thanks to some close friends and their Nana. I did what I could but I just couldn’t handle everything. This year I used Swag Bucks to pay for the kids Halloween costumes and the trick or treat buckets. Also along the way I have bought birthday and Christmas gifts thanks to this site and I am able to buy everything on my own.  

I have earned almost $500 since last December and I am hoping to get at least another $200 so I can get my kids everything they want this year. My kids have been such little troopers while we live in this little room that we call home. Hopefully when my tax refund comes in we can find a real place to call home. Here is the picture of my Super Girl, my Super Man, and my little baseball fan. The two on the right are my December babies.

Thanks Swagbucks for giving me the extra money I need to make these beautiful smiles happen. 

Thank you so much for sharing your great story, truublx3!  We can see that your kids truly have a Super Mommy!  Keep up your great Swagging!  Here’s another 500 Swag Bucks to add to your stash.

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