Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Ceiling Fan Decor

Happy Weekend, Swag Nation!  Today’s DIY project comes to us from Sally, from Devon, PA.  Check out this very crafty use for an old ceiling fan!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Old ceiling fan (wires removed)
  2. Ornaments – I used 8 (4 each color) Dollar Tree or any other cheap ornaments
  3. Wreath – I used an old advent wrath but you can just use a green wreath and ad holly, berries, etc.
  4. Lights – I used a mini light battery operated set


  1. Entwine the mini lights into the wreath
  2. Place the ceiling fan bottom into the wreath
  3. Add the ornaments
  4. Turn on the lights
  5. Enjoy!

Thank you for this very fun project, Sally!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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