Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Gift Wrapping Party!

Happy weekend, Swaggernauts!  We’re officially in holiday season-mode!  It’s the time when we get together with family and friends to celebrate and give thoughtful gifts!

But, why wrap presents alone? Have some people over and make a fun event out of it!  All you need to do is provide some food, maybe some drinks, a few pairs of scissors, a roll or two of tape, ribbon and some rolls of wrapping paper.

Invite a handful of close friends or family; ask them to bring a roll of their own with them so people can share.  Put on some good festive music or a movie you all enjoy.  Ask people to bring any gift bags they might be recycling this year. What’s old to them will be new to you and your friends and family.

You can gussy up your wrapping options with things like confetti, stamps, cards, photos, pattern scissors, anything you use to make a neat impression through your wrapping.  If you and your family get together to make cookies each year, consider having them over to wrap a few things beforehand or invite your wrapping party to join.

This is a great way to have some fun extending the holidays with friends and a great chance to share how much Swagbucks has brought to your holiday season if they aren’t already members.  Remember, you earn when your referrals earn!

-Team Swagbucks