Swagbucks Book Club – Turning the Page to 2014


Welcome Swagbucks Book Club Members!

As we prepare for 2014 I want to hear from you about what books you would like us to read as a group in the new year.   Any genre is welcome as we tend to mix it up.  Include as many suggestions as  you wish in the comments below.

A few suggested genres to consider:

  • Fiction
  • Classics
  • Biography
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Historical Fiction
  • Humor/”Chick Lit”
  • Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
  • Non-Fiction

Congratulations to yesterday’s random winners: anitagrrrr, brianblaylock, and kittling.  Don’t miss your chance at bonus Swag Bucks — on Monday, December 16th I will randomly choose 3 contributors and award 25 Swag Bucks each!