Arcade-Fu for 100 Swag Bucks or More

Happy Wednesday Swag Nation!

Great to have you back. So cool to see so many of you join us over the weekend. I hope you had fun. Today, we’ll be playing some of my favorite more arcadey games. For today’s challenge, you have a choice. Enter with scores from whichever game you enjoy most or try your hand at all three.


This game is a lot of fun and easy to play. Use your cursor to aim your shots and clear the screen of balls before time runs out and you end up crushed. In order to clear balls, you must fire like-colored colored balls to make groups of 3 or more.Once 3 balls of the same color connect, they disappear, taking any balls hanging from the group with them. The minimum score you will need for today’s challenge is 15,000.


PegLand is similar to Crusher in that once again, you must use your cursor to aim your shots and attempt to clear the screen with your shots.  However, this time, you just need to clear all the pink pegs in order to advance and to clear a peg, you just need to make contact with it. Unlikely Crusher, your shots will bounce and ricochet off pegs so aim your shots carefully and go for the biggest score you can. For today’s challenge, you will need a score no less than 77,000.

Zip Zap

In Zip Zap, you control a spaceship defending a colony from incoming alien attacks. Direct your ship using the arrow keys or ASWD. Fire with Z or M. Collect the diamonds, stars, and aliens that drop from enemy ships for points and upgrades. Pick up refugee humans waving for your attention and return them to base for lots of points and good karma. Enter today’s challenge with a score of 100,000 or more.

So what’s today’s challenge? Get a score equal to or higher than those listed above, take a screenshot, and post a link in the comments for this blog post. For each of these correctly filled out posts you make, you will have one entry in a raffle to win 100 Swag Bucks. You may enter as many times as you like with new screenshots showing different scores. You may wish to protect your efforts by adding your Swag Name to it in a paint program. If you need an image hosting service, I recommend because it’s quick and easy. Three winners will be selected at random from all of today’s entries and announced in this blog post and on Twitter on Thursday.

You can also participate via Twitter by tweeting your screenshot @Swagbucks, along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #sbgames. You may place each entry both on Twitter and in the comments, but if you win from an entry placed on Twitter, you will win an additional 100 Swag Bucks.

For today’s challenge, you may also enter with screenshots of any score in any of today’s tournaments on today’s games or in any of the Ten Winner Tournaments on Mahjongg Dimensions, Fyoozd, Regate 21, and FishMunch. If you don’t know about the Ten Winner Tournaments, in addition to the Swag Buck prizes listed on the tournament, all members with scores in the top 10 will receive at least 50 Swag Bucks and 5 entries into the One Million Swag Buck Giveaway which also has ten winners! Some lucky person is going to win 500,000 Swag Bucks so enter while you can.

If you enter today’s challenge with a screenshot showing your score in one of today’s Crusher, PegLand, or Zip Zap tournaments or in any of the Ten Winner Tournaments and you are one of today’s lucky winners, you will win an additional 50 Swag Bucks.

Good luck and have tons of fun!

Update: This week’s winners are PhilosophicalMom, richmoral, and DianaGrrrr  -Congratulations!  New Challenge Saturday!