How Swagbucks Works For Me – brittanyhuyck

Let the testimonials continue!  Today we’d like everyone to meet brittanyhuyck, from Tacoma, WA.  As a stay-at-home mom, she’s doing all she can through Swagbucks to help save for a new house!

Swagbucks is definitely a life saver! I am a stay-at-home mom so between rent, medical bills, my husband’s student loans, gas for the car (my husband has a 2 hour commute to and from work), and just trying to provide for the kids on one income, money is a bit tight… I really wanted to help out since we share a car (making it hard to get to a job) and can’t afford day care. I tried many other sites but it was so hard to earn anything that it just seemed pointless.

Swagbucks is so easy and actually pretty fun! It allows me to earn points quickly but doesn’t take so much focus and concentration that I can’t still take care of the kiddos and clean the house. Plus, there are so many different ways to earn Swag Bucks that I don’t get bored so I don’t give up!

The coupons are SUCH a big help! I never really used coupons before I found swagbucks but being able to print out coupons from such a wide variety for the things you need and would normally pay more for is just… brilliant! Not to mention you get points for saving money!

I use my Swag Bucks on gift cards which I then use to buy formula, diapers, wipes and I’m starting to furnish my youngest little one’s room. (He’s still not quite old enough to have his own room so that’s why we got such a late start!)  The money that we would normally be spending on all of those necessities is going towards paying off our debt and we are currently saving up for a bigger house closer to my husband’s job! Without all the stress and suffocating budgeting, we feel like we can breathe again. Not to mention, there’s way less tension between my husband and I. We can laugh again so in a way, I think Swagbucks saved my marriage! Swagbucks is helping us keep our heads above water and that is how Swagbucks works for me.

So thank you SO much Swagbucks team! Between all the fun games, the videos, the contests and collector’s bills… I can tell you all work extremely hard to make this such an awesome site! Thank you for taking good care of your Swaggernauts!

The picture I provided is of me and my growing family – this is what drives me to keep earning those Swag Bucks! (aside from all the fun and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you earn another gift card or get bonus bucks just for reaching your first goal which by the way is also BRILLIANT! I LOVE that! It’s rewarding.)

A forever loyal Swaggernaut,
brittanyhuyck, thanks for sharing your story!  Keep up with your Swagging!  And keep using the coupons – a great way to save $$ AND earn Swag Bucks!  Here’s another 500 SBs for you!


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-Team Swagbucks