How Swagbucks Works For Me – Halie2004

We made it to Friday once again!  Let’s pat ourselves on the back!  Say hi to Halie2004, from Bensalem, PA!  Read about how she’s rediscovered Swagbucks and is now hooked (we knew that would happen!).

I love your site! My friend introduced me about 6 months ago. I thought she was full of it when it came to how rocking the site was. Face it, I’ve been scammed before. Slowly I examined it before I actually started to use it. And now, well let’s just say I am hooked! So much so that people ask me every day if I met my quota (Daily Goal).  They also ask me for Coupons daily too as Swagbucks lets me find them and get points for them! Awesome!

So far I have gotten a 50 dollar gift card which I used to buy ink for my printer. That stuff is expensive and I am an aspiring writer so I do need to get ink. A lot! And as my neighborhood’s local penny pincher, I can’t beat the deal of getting it for points. It saves me money! Plus I can do my research for my novel and get points, can’t beat that can ya?

If that wasn’t awesome enough I have used a ten dollar gift card as a present for someone’s birthday from Swagbucks. Also to my joy, I was about to get up two 15 dollar gift cards to regal so I could take a friend to go watch Frozen! A movie which I am so happy I saw that I been singing the songs ever since then. That was kinda a Christmas present for both me and her!

Swagbucks is also in my plans for the future as I run a small (really small, it is just me) business of crafts I make, I am going to use points to buy stuff like a camera, fabric, and even an iPad. Once I get enough. My plans also include health and happiness plans also as I plan to earn enough points for a bike and a pan flute that I so want to play.

I am glad I got on Swagbucks, each day brings new discoveries and joys. Each time I use Swagbucks I find something useful!

Another bonus is I won at least two Swagtakes on the site and became giddy, I never won anything before! I love Swagbucks! Helpful, useful and it boosts my confidence!

Thank you for sharing this story, Halie2004!  We’re happy you’re back and that you’re hooked!  Which Swagstakes did you win?  EXCITING!  Enjoy 500 more Swag Bucks, from us!

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-Team Swagbucks