How Swagbucks Works For Me – merubberstamping

We’re having such a great time meeting all kinds of Swaggernauts!  Let’s keep it rolling.  Say hello to merubberstamping, from Hartsburg, MO.  Read about how she’s turned Swagbucks into a complete family affair!

My name is merubberstamping and I have been swagging for almost two years now.  When I initially started I was happy to get a few searches a day, the daily poll, and NOSO; I used the Swag Bucks to get Amazon gift cards to purchase fun movies and books for my two children.  This past spring I started to feel terrible but chalked it up to turning 40.  LOL!  At one point I thought that I had the strep virus; imagine my surprise when my test results showed that I had strep AND mono!  In December I was tested for food allergies and discovered that I am allergic to most of the grocery store.

I have been ill since May but, being the active sort, I hate to be still for long.  I was encouraged by a friend to ramp up my Swagbucks activities and so I did!  I use Swagbucks activities to tether me to one spot and to feel productive.  Swagbucks is certainly helping my sanity (and the sanity of my hubby).  I also use most of my Swag Bucks points to get Amazon gift cards which I redeem for healthy ingredients for cooking and for supplements to aid in my recovery.  Swagbucks has certainly helped our pocket book because I am unable to work until my body is fully recovered and natural things are not covered by our insurance (don’t we all wish).

At this point I search multiple times and coupon as extensively as my health will allow.  I go beyond the daily poll and NOSO and have been doing as many activities as my time will allow.  We have rule now that children must earn Swag Bucks for their mother online before they proceed to any website!  Now my daughter uses the promise of Swag Bucks points to wheedle online time.  I have also “addicted” my mother to Swagbucks and we call/text each other when our coupon “bonus” shows up on our account.  We encourage each other to reach our daily goal and text when we net a super search.  This is definitely turning into a family

Thanks Swagbucks!  I tout your wonders to any friend who will listen!

Thanks for sending us this story, merubberstamping!  It’s always enjoyable for us here at Team Swagbucks to learn about Swaggernauts who are helping to spread the word about our site!  And don’t forget about our new Referral Program!

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