How Swagbucks Works For Me – TheSethMan13

It’s true, we LOVE learning about which features of our site you enjoy using!  Today we’d like everyone to meet TheSethMan13, from Redmond, WA.  This story speaks for itself and we’re thrilled!

How does Swagbucks work for me?  Well, love to spend them on gift cards for stores so that I can get more presents to my family and friends this Christmas season, but what I love to do with swag bucks is spend them in Swagstakes. I love how there are so many Swagstakes’ to choose from and that there are limited entries so that I know I have a chance. I have fun choosing what Swagstakes I want to enter in and how much I should save for gift cards afterwards. Also, the surprise of winning a Swagstakes is much greater than the chance of winning it.

There is also a huge variety of gift cards! I love that you can choose different gift cards from LOTS of different companies other than sites that offer only a few gift cards. Another thing I like about using Swagbucks is the game tournaments. It is so awesome to enter in a tournament with multiple prizes for 1st, second and third place prizes. I also love the suspense of all the tournaments in general. One other thing I love about the site is the coupons part of it, I love it because I can just print coupons out and use them whenever we go on shopping trips, and it saves us money and also adds more swag bucks into my inbox for more excitement.

One other thing I like about this company is that it is so easy to get Swag Bucks, and there is such a variety of things to do like surveys, videos, games, ETC. It is fun for [almost] all ages. It is so much easier to earn Swag Bucks and it is so fun that I find myself staying on the site rather than playing my regular video games or TV, but not as addicting as subtracting family time from the mix, because you can always come back to what you are doing.

I also love the Swag Bucks Codes, because it is really fun to search around the site or Twitter to find them. One other thing I like is that there are always new activities to do like contests and mega bucks to do every day in the blog and on the site.

Lastly, I would like to thank the administrators and founders for making this amazing site possible. Keep it up Swaggers!

Thank YOU TheSethMan13, for sharing your story!  It sounds like you love just about everything on our site – and we LOVE IT!  Have you won a Swagstakes yet?  Are there specific ones you’re entering now, with hopes to win?  Here’s 500 more Swag Bucks – enjoy!

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-Team Swagbucks