Saturday Do-It-Yourself – Homemade Spice Containers!

We hope you’re enjoying the first weekend of 2014!  This weekend’s DIY comes to us from slmr, from Summerville, GA.  She’s come up with a quick, easy and fun way to make a spice rack/container using clementine crates!  Take it away!

Put those Containers that those Little Oranges (Clementines, etc.) come in that you buy for the holidays to good use instead of just tossing them.  

They make excellent containers to put on your pantry shelves to hold spices or just about anything else.  Take some Scrapbook paper and cut to fit the end. Use Stick-on Letters to label what is in your container.  

They also stack really well.  When you want a spice, etc., just pull out the box and all are at your finger tips.  It makes for a neat looking pantry.

Simple enough!

Thanks for this fantastic DIY idea!

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-Team Swagbucks