Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Piggy Banks!

It’s no secret that Swagbucks is all about making your time online more rewarding.  Of course, we give you Swag Bucks for doing what you love.  But what happens when the currency you have is real?  You’ll surely need a place to put all that extra change, right?  Thanks to sandvballchick89, here is a fun, easy way to keep it all in one place!

One of my favorite things to do is find ways to reuse food cans, glass jars and plastic containers (think salsa and spaghetti sauce jars, vegetable/bean cans, peanut butter containers).  Once cleaned out, they make great pencil holders, vases, or display items if painted or filled with items like stones or marbles.

For years now I have used glass jars as change banks.  You can also create a cute piggy bank for kids using a plastic jar (I used a peanut butter jar) and some bottle caps.

Clean out the jar and remove any outer wrapper – For wrappers that leave behind any glue, peanut butter works great to get rid of the stickiness!  Spread some on the container, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then rub/scrape it away.  Glue 4 bottle caps to the container to create the pigs legs and one on the lid for the snout. Cut out some paper ears and use a marker to draw the face.  Add a pipe cleaner or twisty tie tail.  Cut a slit in the top and voila!  You’ve got a fun piggy bank.  And when it is full and ready to be emptied it is much easier to get the money back out than with a conventional piggy bank because you can just unscrew the lid.  I like the look of it as is, but you can also paint everything pink for a prettier design.  Finally, if you have any sharp plastic edges from cutting the hole on top, you can use some wet sand paper to smooth them out.

What a fantastic project!  Thank you for sharing, sandvballchick89!

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-Team Swagbucks