Saturday Do-It-Yourself – Sweatpants Rags!

It might be the last Saturday of January – but the DIY projects shall continue all year long!  Today’s DIY comes from dizzybroad, from Ash Fork, AZ.  Check it out below!

At one point or another, we have all probably used an old piece of clothing for a rag.  Well here’s an idea of what to do with old sweat pants, the ones made of velour or similar.  First off, they are very soft so any pieces you cut out can be used when you dust and/or polish your furniture or wash your vehicle.

What I discovered was a HANDY way to use the newly made rag without it coming off your HAND.  Cut the pockets out and leave them in pocket form.  Then all you have to do is stick your HAND in it (like a glove without the fingers) and you won’t lose your grip on it.

This doesn’t just work for the front pockets but it also works for the back pockets!  Just slip your hand in the pocket and wipe away at whatever you are cleaning.  For a quick dusting to a full-blown polish the furniture day or washing the car–it’s recycling and re-purposing at the same time!

What a wonderful idea, dizzybroad!  Thanks for sending this along.  So much better than using an old t-shirt!  And a nice excuse to buy some comfy new sweatpants (hopefully through Shop and Earn!).

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-Team Swagbucks