TSG’s Tips – How to Invite a Friend to Join Swagbucks!

TSG here! You’ve probably seen some posts on our Facebook page and in the Blog about our new Refer and Earn program where you can earn 10% of the Swag Bucks your friends do, FOR LIFE.  We really hope you enjoy it and take full advantage!

Today TSG is here to walk you through the steps involved in inviting a friend to join Swagbucks!  It can be easily accomplished in 5 steps!

Step 1 – Look for the “Invite your friends” card on the Swagbucks.com homepage.

You now will have 2 options: invite by Facebook, or by email.

Step 2aClicking “invite by Facebook” will bring you to the below page:

Search for your friends, or select from the populated list on the screen.  Once you’ve done so, click “Invite” and this window will pop up:

Here you can enter your message to your friends, encourage them to join Swagbucks and click Send!

Step 2b – Clicking “Invite by email” will bring up this window:

Type in your friends’ email address (or import your contacts from your Email Service Provider, located on the right side of the window above) and craft your message inviting them to join, then click Send Invite!

Step 3 – Once you have invited your friends you want to follow up with them to make sure they have signed up and give them any earning tips so they best understand the potential of being an active Swagbucks member.

Step 4– Here is a very important step to set you up for success.  Make sure you copy the following phrase into your message when inviting friends.  It gives them the chance to earn 50 extra Swag Bucks when they sign up:

Sign up now and enter the phrase FreeGiftCards when asked if you have a sign up code.  This will start you off with 50 Bonus Swag Bucks!

(The above sign up code: FreeGiftCards is for new registrants only and expires on June 30, 2014)

And that’s it! Hopefully all of your friends will join you in the amazingness that is Swagbucks!

Helpful Tip

Every Swagbucks member has a unique Referral Link – which you can post on your Facebook page, on Twitter or Google+  You’ll find this link by visiting this page. Your referral link will be in the upper right part of the page.  You can always provide your friends with your referral link and it’s an easy way to get new referrals and in turn, earn more Swag Bucks!

Hope this was helpful – now keep referring and earning so you can redeem your next gift card!