Twitter Trivia is Looking in the Mirror

by Team Swagbucks on Thu, January 23rd, 2014 at 6:00 am

Q: Who loves showing off their knowledge of obscure information?

Q: Who loves showing off their ability to use Swagbucks Search to find answers about obscure information?

Q: Who loves winning Swag Bucks for the above actions?

If you answered “Me” to any of those 3 questions then you will LOVE the newly revamped Twitter Trivia!

Here is how it will work (and some tips for winning, too)

- Randomly throughout Thursday we will tweet a trivia question via @swagbucks on twitter.

- As soon as you have the answer to that trivia question go to and enter the answer IN ALL CAPS in the Swag Code Box. If you are among the first x-number of people to enter the code correctly you will be instantly awarded x-number of Swag Bucks. The numbers of winners for each question and the amount of Swag Bucks won might change each week but will be announced prior to the question.

Today’s Twitter Trivia breakdown:

  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the first Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 3 Swag Bucks!
  • The first 2,500 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the second Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 4 Swag Bucks!
  • The first 2,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the third Twitter Trivia Question today will each win 5 Swag Bucks!

HINTS on how to win:

- Follow @swagbucks on Twitter. You don’t need a Twitter account. Just click the Twitter button under “Stay Connected” on the left side of the Swagbucks home page. Or click here.

- As soon as you know the trivia answer enter it in the Swag Code box in ALL CAPS. You will instantly be notified if you have won or if the pre-announced number of winners has already been exhausted.

- You can share the correct answer or the question but remember the Swag Bucks are limited by number of winners, not time, so it could become expired at any minute – make sure you enter it for yourself first! (The toolbar Swag Code Checker will not be in effect)

- Each question has a new batch of winners – you have the potential to win a total of 12 Swag Bucks Today – January 23rd – from Twitter Trivia alone! Each question is open to all Swagbucks members in all countries.

Are you enjoying our new format? If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to answer. We also look forward to your feedback throughout the day.

Good Luck!

-Team Swagbucks


In case you were unable to play today, below are the 3 questions (and answers):

  1. Q: The second iteration of the Twitter logo was named after the NBA star who was raised in which city? (2 words, no spaces)  A: FRENCHLICK (as in French Lick, Indiana – where Larry Bird was raised)
  2. Q: Jack Dorsey sent the first public tweet on March 21, 2006 – how many characters was it?  A: 24 (the tweet was – just setting up my twttr – 20 letters and 4 spaces = 24)
  3. Q: How many Swag Bucks would you have if you owned 1 share of TWTR at the end of the day on Nov 12, 2013?  A: 4190 (stock price closed at $41.90 x 100 = 4190)

Thanks for playing – see you next week!

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