Which Super Bowl Ad Will Be Most Memorable?

Who are you rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday? The Broncos?  The Seahawks?  Or maybe, like a lot of the world – you just want to see all the wacky commercials!  We’ve been witness to some fantastically creative ads in the past years.  Who can forget the Budweiser Frogs?  Or the E-Trade baby?!  Or one of my favorites – the CareerBuilder monkeys!

This year, we’re sure to see some amazing spots.  But why wait?  We’ve rounded up some of this year’s commercials and we want you be the judge.  Which Super Bowl Ad will be the most memorable??

Let’s see how  many votes we can get in the below poll!  

If we get 10,000 votes on this poll, on Monday (2/3/14) Swag Nation will have the chance to win 10 Swag Bucks in Swag Codes!  So share this poll with your friends!  Share it with your neighbors!  Share it with anyone who will listen!  

This poll will be open all weekend – so vote  before Monday!



AND, as a special bonus – on Super Bowl Sunday we will be throwing a hail-mary and announcing a Swag Code on Facebook at the start of halftime.

**The code will only be available for the duration of halftime so make sure you check the Swagbucks Facebook page (in between bathroom breaks and repeat trips to your Super Bowl spread) to score some extra points.**

Enjoy the game and the commercials!

-Team Swagbucks